TRR© Heads Up Display (HUD)


In hospital setting

The TRR© system received a high commendation from an independent 2016 audit, noting that the system was found to be thoroughly tested, reliable, highly robust and modular leading to an exceeding available system with configurable algorithms and reference data. The recent advent of broadband internet and wireless device technology is expected to facilitate remote expert decision support and task guidance. A solution for the TRR2.0© interface improvement allows direct user inputs by members of the trauma team via wearable HUDs rather than through a nurse scribe.
Combining embedded, real-time computer assisted decision support with as-needed remote decision support when required will achieve the ultimate goal of error-free trauma resuscitation.

Prehospital setting

Paramedics routinely make lifesaving decisions. The demands for intervention and error reduction significantly influence patient outcomes. Human factors including patient severity, time-pressure, socio-evaluative stress and fatigue, and environmental conditions all confound the decision-making processes. Technical challenges, a lack of integrated protocols, governance and training have complicated pre-hospital care. Unsurprisingly, technological advancements in prehospital applications have failed to survive beyond the funded research phase to be embedded as standard of care.

The primary focus of HUD in prehospital setting is to enhance communication between paramedics and remote consultants for expert decision support by providing on-scene and in-transfer information. Secondly, this research project aims to explore secure vital signs and image transfer. Importantly, we hope to first establish clinical and technical protocols in order to ensure its reliability, feasibility and usability in pre-hospital patient management.


  • Partnered with Ambulance Victoria
  • Team consists of retrieval specialist, emergency prehospital management experts
  • Medical algorithms established and validated from the TRR2.0© system architecture

Funding Programs

  • Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) SEED Funding

  • MIME Focused Commercialisation Fund

  • Alfred Research Trusts Major Grant

  • Transport Accident Commission Research Funding

  • Commercialisation and Collaboration Agreement with A2I2, Deakin University