Dr Christopher Groombridge

PhD Candidate, National Trauma Research Institute
Director of Emergency Medicine Training and Trauma Physician, The Alfred Hospital

About Chris Groombridge

Dr Chris Groombridge is a director of emergency medicine training and a Trauma Physician working at The Alfred Hospital, in Melbourne. 

After completing his emergency medicine training in February 2013, he moved to Sydney to work as a Staff Specialist at Liverpool Hospital’s Major Trauma Centre Emergency Department (ED). Chris has a particular interest in the prehospital management of trauma and has worked as a retrieval specialist with Sydney HEMS, CareFlight NSW, and Adult Retrieval Victoria, and internationally with London’s Air Ambulance and Essex & Hertfordshire Air Ambulance in the UK.

Dr Groombridge’s current research interests focus on optimising airway management outside the operating theatre and he developed The Alfred ED airway governance program which includes an ongoing audit of all ED intubations, monthly tailored education for trainees, and the standardisation of Rapid Sequence Intubation in the ED. He is also a founding member of The Procedures Course and The Airway Course, which are cadaver-based skills courses, teaching life-saving interventions to critical care clinicians. 

Dr Groombridge completed a Masters in Trauma Sciences with Queen Mary University of London and is currently undertaking a PhD on the human factors of resuscitation with Monash University. This work has led to multiple publications focusing on life-saving interventions, as well as the impact of stress in resuscitation. Dr Groombridge recently secured a grant which will facilitate his upcoming studies on the physiological markers associated with clinician performance during resuscitation.

Key Publications

Hypocalcemia in trauma patients: a systematic review

The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 2021 Feb. DOI: 10.1097/TA.0000000000003027

Mayank Vasudeva, Joseph K Mathew, Christopher Groombridge, Jin W Tee, Cecil S Johnny, Amit Maini, Mark C Fitzgerald

Stress and decision-making in resuscitation: A systematic review

Resuscitation, 2019 Nov; 144:115-122.

Chris J Groombridge, Yesul Kim, Amit Maini, de Villiers Smit, Mark C Fitzgerald