Mr Aman Thakur

Bachelors of Professional Accounting
Management Accountant, National Trauma Research Institute

About Aman Thakur

Mr Aman Thakur is the Management Accountant at the National Trauma Research Institute. He has completed  Bachelor of Professional Accounting from Holmes Institute and  completed his Professional year of Accounting from Performance Education .

Mr Thakur has gained accounting experience in financial services . He started his career as an administrative role at Toll IPEC and extended his experience as an Assistant Accountant at Monash University with responsibility for the preparation of financial statements and reporting for the sub-faculty, reporting profit & loss statements and net cash position of the projects and departments for theFaculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science (FMNHS) at the Alfred Health Precinct. 

In his role at NTRI, Mr Aman is responsible for providing analytical and decision support across the NTRI and Trauma Service and across clinical and non-clinical areas of Alfred Health with an overall aim to help drive increased value for the health service. 

He specializes in annual budget preparation, monitor performance, analyse variances and advise of potential financial risk areas, prepare regular financial reports for external stakeholders and executive management. He also assists in providing budgetary and financial advice to support the planning and operations of the national and international project teams.