Trauma Systems Development


Implementation of an effective Trauma System save lives, beginning with the pre-hospital phase of care through to the in-hospital setting. An integral part of trauma systems development is trauma research support. This will guide the development of the ensuing trauma system by interpreting the data from the Trauma Registry, as well as focused systems, clinical and administrative research will provide an evidence base for future developments The Australia New Zealand Trauma Registry (ATR) is a clinical quality registry administered by the NTRI, Alfred Health. This Commonwealth funded registry collates information on seriously injured patients across 34 sites in Australia and New Zealand. The ATR is a part of an overarching Australian Trauma Quality Improvement Program (AusTQIP) which aims to improve the quality and safety of trauma care provided at trauma centres in Australia. The Alfred Health Trauma Registry (AHTR) was established in late 1988, which collects data on all major and selected minor trauma cases presented at the Alfred. The important activities of the AHTR is to record trauma activity at The Alfred, monitor quality and service delivery as well as quarterly submissions to the Victorian State Trauma Registry.

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