Spine and Neurotrauma


The Spine and Neurotrauma Research Group is a team of experienced clinicians and researchers. Founded in 2017, the Spine and Neurotrauma Research Group has developed strong collaborations with local and international clinicians and researchers including the AOSpine Foundation. Our clinical research programs aimed to improve the current treatments and understanding of spine and traumatic brain conditions.

Key Researchers


Jin Tee

Research Fellows

Hui Lee

Tom O’Donohoe

Barry Kweh

Research Registrar

Charles Li

Benjamin Harley

Milly Huang

Research Associates

Vanessa Tran

Caleb Tan

Key Publications

The Utility of the Modified Frailty Index (mFI) In Outcome Prediction For Elderly Patients With Acute Traumatic Subdural Haematoma

J Neurotrauma 2020

H Lee, C Tan, V Tran, J Mathew, M Fitzgerald, R Leong, T Kambourakis, D Gantner, A Udy, J Rosenfeld, J Tee.

Spinal Surgery In Patients Aged 80 Years And Above: Risk Stratification Using The Modified Frailty Index

Global Spine J 2020

B Kweh, H Lee, T Tan, T O’Donohoe, J Matthew, M Fitzgerald, D Gantner, T Kambourakis, K Tew, M Hunn, J Rosenfeld, J Tee.

Prophylactic Postoperative Measures to Minimize Surgical Site Infections in Spine Surgery: Systematic Review and Evidence Summary

Spine J 2019

T Tan, H Lee, M J Huang, J Rutges, T Marion, J Mathew, M Fitzgerald, A Gonzalvo, M K Hunn, B K Kwon, M F Dvorak, J Tee.

Prognosis Of Acute Subdural Haematoma In The Elderly: A Systematic Review

J Neurotrauma 2018

L Evans, J Jones, H Lee, D Ganter, A Jaison, J Matthew, M Fitzgerald, J Rosenfeld, M Hunn, J Tee.

Reporting quality of systematic review abstracts published in leading neurosurgical journals: A Research on Research Study

Neurosurgery 2018

TJ O’Donohoe, R Dhillon, T Bridson, J Tee