Trauma Reception and Resuscitation (TRR©) System


The Alfred is considered one of the world’s premiere Trauma Centres. It has pioneered in multiple trauma resuscitation techniques and was the first in the world to publish in issues regarding errors of omission in resuscitation.

The initial TRR© system, developed at The Alfred from 2006 to 2010, significantly reduces trauma resuscitation errors and morbidity through a complex, real-time generated, algorithmic artificial intelligence. It provides real-time computer-aided decision support displays to hospital trauma teams for the first 60 minutes of trauma management.

In 2019 and in collaboration with the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2, Deakin University), the system underwent significant redevelopment to deliver TRR2.0©. The previous design and user experience required adaptation to cater to the evolving needs of the trauma staff and perceived improvements to the workflows based on regular usage in high-stress situations. The redevelopment of TRR2.0© achieved a modern, centralised and streamlined interface, as well as an expanded functionality to allow for remote trauma consultancy, integrated Heads Up Display (HUD) and post-resuscitation analysis. Importantly, TRR2.0© data is now integrated and transfers automatically to the Cerner™ Electronic Medical Records.


  • A critical resuscitation decision was made every 72 seconds
  • 21% reduction in errors of omission and in blood transfusions & improved airway management
  • A computerised system based on medical algorithms, developed by Trauma experts
  • Implemented in Australia, China, India and Saudi Arabia

Funding Programs

  • Alfred Research Trusts Major Grant
  • Victorian Trauma Foundation
  • Transport Accident Commission
  • Commercialisation and Collaboration Agreement with A2I2, Deakin University