Semi-automated Pleural Decompression Device (SaPD©)


Tension Pneumothorax (tPTX) is a condition in which air becomes trapped under pressure in the pleural space following lung injury. This injury can quickly become life-threatening if untreated. tPTX has been identified as a main contributor to preventable death in combat environments and in civilian trauma systems.

Decompressing the pleural space using conventional methods, such as Needle Thoracostomy and Tube Thoracostomy have a high risk of failure due to:

  • Inability to reach the pleural space
  • Improper deployment
  • Inappropriate catheter length
  • Occlusion secondary to catheter-kinking or blockage.

SaPD© is a new technology that allows safe, successful decompression of the pleural space in adult patients.


  • This is a unique opportunity where the technology has been validated through bench top testing and animal and human cadaveric trials.
  • The SaPD© team consists of experienced trauma doctors and engineers with extensive knowledge in prehospital, hospital and combat casualty care.
  • International patent application filed November 22nd, 2017.

Funding Programs

  • MIME SEED Funding

  • MIME Focused Commercialisation Fund

  • Monash SPARK Program

  • Monash Technology Transformation Institute Initiative