Resuscitative Pleural Decompression and Intercostal Catheter Insertion Course

Overview & Objectives

This course aims to improve clinical decision making and the application of life-saving procedural intervention in the context of complex shocked trauma patients. At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of pleural decompression in clinical decision-making for complex shocked multitrauma patients
  • Target life-saving interventions in the chest using standardised clinical decision making
  • Have standardised procedural skills in:
    • Pleural decompression and drainage
    • Ideal intercostal catheter positioning in trauma patients
  • Avoiding procedural pitfalls in Pleural Decompression and Intercostal Catheter InsertionMake decisions about ongoing management of Intercostal Catheters in the context of chest injuries
  • Emphasise the importance of standardisation of equipment and procedural technique for life saving interventions in trauma

This course is led by highly skilled faculty of surgeons and emergency medicine physicians, all highly experienced in performing and managing resuscitative pleural decompression and intercostal catheter insertion.


½ day practical session

Who should apply?

Clinicians and surgeons frequently managing reception and resuscitation of major trauma will find this course provides them with knowledge, skills and confidence to include Resuscitative Pleural Decompression in their algorithm of the management of the peri-arrest trauma patient.

How to apply?

Contact Education Team for 2021’s schedule for the Resuscitative Pleural Decompression and Intercostal Catheter Insertion Course.