Dr Amit Maini


Emergency Physician & Director of Emergency Medicine Training, The Alfred

Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Monash University

Dr Amit Maini is an Emergency Physician and Director of Emergency Medicine Training at the Alfred Hospital. Dr Maini obtained his MBBS at St George’s Hospital Medical School in London 2002, and his Fellowship to the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine in 2011. In 2014, Dr Maini became the program director for Emergency Medicine trainees at the Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre.

Dr Maini has a special interest in emergency medicine education especially as it relates to early trauma resuscitation in the emergency department. He is a founder and co-creator of the Emergency Trauma Management (ETM) Course based in Melbourne, Australia, a faculty member of The Alfred’s Trauma Resuscitation Workshop as well as founding faculty member and creator of The Procedures Course - part of Alfred’s Shock, Trauma & Resuscitation Program (Alfred STAR). 

Dr Maini is also the Australian Editor of Emergency Medicine Review & Perspectives (EMRAP), a global monthly emergency medicine audio programme.