A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the National Trauma Research Institute, a part of Alfred Health, and the Indian Government (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) was signed in Mumbai on 15 November 2013 to support trauma system development in India. The parties agreed to promote, encourage and develop bilateral cooperation in trauma prevention, control and management, and to develop a sustainable model of trauma care system and injury prevention for India.


Key Objectives & Outcomes

Since the signing of the MoU, the Victorian Department of Health Services, Ambulance Victoria, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital, Victorian Transport Accident Commission and Monash University have all been invited to join the collaboration, forming the India-Australia Trauma Care Coordinating Committee (IATCCC) with collaborators from the DGHS in India. The IATCCC is jointly chaired by Professor Mark Fitzgerald and Mr K.C. Samria (Joint Secretary – Hospitals, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India).

India has implemented successful injury care initiatives that take into account the enormous and sometimes remote populations. The Australian collaborators are working with the Indian Government to develop injury prevention activities and build trauma care capacity in India. Australia will also benefit from exposure to India’s ability to manage its large injury burden, the unique programs that have been implemented, the Indian trauma management experience and the associated technological expertise.

Main Partner Orgnaisations(s)National Trauma Research Institute/Alfred Health and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Indian Government

Geographic Location(s)India and Australia

Chief Investigator(s)Professor Mark Fitzgerald ASM, Dr Joseph Mathew, Mr K.C. Samria (Chair), Dr S.K. Sharma

Project Manager / Officer(s)Dr Joseph Mathew, Dr Teresa Howard

Main ContactDr Joseph Mathew

Year Commenced2013

Expected Completion2018