Dr Helen Stergiou

Trauma Educator, National Trauma Research Institute
Emergency Physician & Trauma Consultant, Trauma Service, The Alfred

About Helen Stergiou

Dr Helen Stergiou completed her Medical Degree and a Masters of NeuroScience concurrently (she is a Claustrum expert). Post graduating from the University of Melbourne, Dr Stergiou spent time as a trainee in Psychiatry. In 1998, Dr. Stergiou commenced training in Emergency Medicine at The Alfred whilst also working as an Anatomy Tutor at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Stergiou worked at The Northern Hospital Emergency Department from 2004-2010 including as Director. A return to The Alfred in 2010 provided myriad Clinician-Manager responsibilities.

In 2015, Dr Stergiou commenced the role of Trauma Consultant “impressive, fascinating, humbling, a privilege” is how Dr Stergiou describes a typical day on the Trauma Service. Since 1988, Dr Stergiou has been passionately involved in Education, and since 2018 has been engaged in the Trauma Team Training program. Trauma in the Older Patient is the new horizon for Dr Stergiou.