Mr Lachlan Evans

BMedSc (Hons) Student, National Trauma Research Institute

MBBS Student, Monash University

Mr Evans is completing an Honours year of research at the National Trauma Research Institute while also participating in the clinical activities of The Alfred Trauma Service in his capacity as a medical student. Mr Evans is studying Medicine at Monash University and has intermitted for 2016 to focus on his research project at the NTRI and earn a Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons) in the process.

For his research project, Mr Evans is developing an Emergency Department protocol to improve the interpretation of computed tomography of the brain in trauma. CT of the brain is the key diagnostic investigation in the assessment of head injury and its interpretation yields vital clinical data that guides Emergency Department management. Mr Evans is working with both emergency clinicians and radiologists to create a protocol that will enhance the accuracy of Emergency Department doctors when interpreting brain scans in trauma and, ultimately, improve the immediate care of this patient group.