Huizhou First Hospital (HFH) is a tertiary hospital with 750 bed capacity in Huizhou, China.  HFH is currently undergoing a major rebuilding to provide better health services for the Huizhou residents.  Included in the planned HFH redevelopment is the building of a modern Emergency & Trauma Centre.  HFH wishes to collaborate with Alfred Health (AH) in establishing the Emergency & Trauma Center by AH providing the necessary clinical, technical and technological training and education. Once the Emergency & Trauma Center is established, it is expected that HFH shall lead and help establish a network of Huizhou Trauma Centres.


Key Objectives & Outcomes

The aim of this project is to assist HFH medical and nursing staff with skills training in Emergency and Trauma, Neurosurgical, Spinal, Critical Care and Cardiology. Linked to these activities will be a medical and nursing exchange program and the delivery of education, research, audit and governance programs at HFH.  The long-term societal aim of this project is to reduce preventable deaths and permanent disability as a result of injuries.

Main Partner Orgnaisations(s)Huizhou First Hospital

Geographic Location(s)China and Australia

Chief Investigator(s)Professor Mark Fitzgerald ASM

Project Manager / Officer(s)Ms Ellaine Boo

Main ContactMs Ellaine Boo

Year Commenced2016

Expected Completion2018